Welcome to Sweet Eddie's Commercial Bakery

Sustainability and
the Future

Sweet Eddie's Bakery sees energy conservation as the right thing to do for the environment and also for the bottom line. We are committed to being good stewards of the environment and encourage our partners on both sides of our supply chain to do the same.

As a company we approach everything we do with the philosophy of "Small Efforts Become Large Results". In 2011 we approached our sustainability effort in the same way.

What we have done:

  • Energy Audit conducted by Georgia Power
  • Recycling program put in place for all waste products
  • A remodeled office in which we installed new, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring, New Insulation, T-8 Lighting and Water Saving Fixtures in all restrooms
  • Motion Sensors for lighting in Chemical, Janitorial, Mechanical and Freezer areas
  • Use of Skylights only in parts of the warehouse
  • Increased capacity by adding new freezer compressor while adding efficiency by better rotation and the increase of PMs on units
  • 2015 Installation of T-8 Lighting in Production, Freezer and Warehouse Areas
  • Regular PMs on all HVAC equipment and Air Compressors
  • Training meeting with all employees to both educate and encourage sustainable practices such as; advantages of carpooling, mass transit and best sustainable practices in plant in regards to water and electricity conservation.

Our company goal is to make energy savings and sustainability an inherent part of everyones work culture and to work towards being LEED Certified. We feel that similar to a continuous program for quality or food safety, energy has to be treated with the same importance.